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DVD Set: Both Pitched Vox and Mixing Mastering DVD package located at the bottom of the !!!ORDER HERE!!! page.

My video tutorial DVD is  complete. From Mixing to Mastering
Around 28 hours of total video tutorials on the DVD.
Full list of tutorials on the DVD is outlined below.
Also each tutorial is loaded with tips and tricks.
Note: Though most of my tutorial is geared toward vocal production and processing.
All techniques can be used on any instrument. I do also show examples on other instruments. Image Hosted by

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But don't let that small price fool you....
Over 26 hours of tutorials at $35 means you only paid me $1.34 per hour.
Sure its around 26-29 hours, but the total project time is a couple of months.
Everyday, long hours, putting things together, sound examples, charts..... Then creating the videos, arranging the timeline, and the list is just endless. The wife trippn because of how much time I put into this. Telling me Im selling it for do damn cheap.

Let me start by saying that something like this has never been done. I have never seen any tutorial availuable that actually walks you through every step of laying down verses and chorus/hooks. Maybe they exist, but I cant find them. And Ive bought some in the past,(long ago) that just didn't tell me what I really needed to know. They all beat around the bush..... Plain and Simple...

Verses and Templates Tutorials- 2 Hours

Watch me record a verse live. Watch my computer screen and everything I do. How I record each element of the verse vocals live.Watch me set up and arrange different recording templates for recording the verse. Different routing schemes, both complex and simple. For those who have slow computers, as well as those who have upgraded powerhouses. How to save those templates for quick recording recall. Watch me set up and route the tracks for the different vocal elements.
Lead, Lead Overdub, Stress Left/Right, Adlibs Left/Right, Repeats Left/Right, Low/Screwed Voices, Sound Effects
Watch me route the plugin processes and effects for each element of my verse. Compression, Eq, Reverb.....
Watch me mix all the vocal elements of the verse.

Hook/Chorus Tutorials- 1Hour 20 Minutes
Recording a hook/chorus is very different from recording the verse. Sometimes done in a whole other session. Watch me record a hook/chorus live. Watch my computer screen and everything I do. How I record each element of the Hook/Chorus vocals live.
Watch me set up and arrange different recording templates for recording the Hook/Chorus. Different routing schemes, both complex and simple. How to save those templates for recall. Watch me set up and route the tracks for the different vocal elements.
Watch how I pan the different vocal Hook/Chorus elements. These elements are very different from your typical Verse elements.
Learn how to get that wide Hook/Chorus sound, that surrounds the Verse elements. While maintaining mono compatibility.

Rolling On These Hataz Track Special- 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Now that you know how to do all the routing, and the different techniques. See how they are applied as we analyze one of my productions. One I made using a free beat that was downloaded in 320kbps .mp3. Yep, you read that right. A .mp3 beat. Though not recommeded,  but, it can be done for Demo Purposes.
The song Rolln On These Hataz. Beat/Instrumental courtesey of
White Hot Productions
Exclusive access to my actual session.
Verse Session, Hook Session, and the Final Session where everthing is arranged.
How I mixed the track, all the effects, Reverb, Compression,,,,
Why I did this or that. Much more....

Video access to the session of my track/song "Missing You"
Equalization-3 Hours
Equalization demystified. Frequency Spectrum, Equal Loudness Contour (Fletcher Munsen) Curves, Masking, Yin and Yang explained and demonstrated, dB Per Octave and what it really is, Equalization filters explained indepth. Highpass,Lowpass, Harmonic....More... And sitiuations in which each filter may be used, with sound examples of course. Equalization Techniques.... Far too much to list.

Compression-3 Hours
Compression demystified. Explained from all angles. I can say it is the best tutorial on compression ever made. From basic to highly advanced. Even if you think you know compression, you may find out there is more to it. Macrodynamics/Microdynamics explained. Dynamic Range, each compression parameter explained in detail, Threshold, Ratio, Attack....More... How parameters are related. How each compressor has its own sound, and analysis of different compressors using test tone processing. I can SHOW you what each compressor is doing. This is why this tutorial is so great. Alot of tutorials will explain a parameter, and may give a sound example. But have they ever shown you what the compressor is doing to a signal. Prepare to be amazed. Much More...

Gates- 25 Minutes
I touch on gates, and how they can be used. Sound examples and demonstrations.

Delays- 36 Minutes

Cover many different delay aspects. Use of multiple delay plugins. Haas Effect demonstration. Turn a mono vocal into a wide stereo vocal.

Reverb- 3 Hours
Each parameter explained in detail, using sound examples. Learn how to create different environments, and spaces. Types of reverb. Algorithmic, Convolution..RT60/Decay Time, Predelay as a design component, the often overlooked parameter by novices. Diffusion, Density, Room Size....MORE.....Reverb Frequency Dampning, Pre/Internal/Post equalization of reverb. When to use reverb as a Send or as an Insert directly on a track.
How each parameter relies on other parameters. How each parameter is used to create your space....Much More...

Big Lead Vocal- 37 Minutes
How come my vocals just dont sound big? They dont seem to come out of the speakers? They sound too plain?
What are they doing differently than me? How come the industry professionals vocals seem to float, while mine sound glued to the speakers????? AHHHHH
Don't worry. Now that you understand Reverb and Delay, here is how you use them to create that great vocal sound.
Once you learn this technique and routing scheme, you will be able to expand on it and come up with your own ideas. The possibilites are endless.
No, I'm not showing how to just add reverb and a delay to a vocal. Thats already been covered.
I'm showing you a sneaky trick used in the industry.
This is one you might want to keep to yourself, once you learn it.
And yes, they will claim it doesn't exist. Its all about having the best mic, the best preamp, a good artist...
To get that million dollar sound, you need million dollar gear. What a load of BULLSHIT>>>>

Mastering- 9 Hours
This is the longest tutorial due to its nature....and subject....
How to they get their songs so loud on the CD????
How come when I burn a disc with my songs, they just dont stand up to Commercial media?
Secrets uncovered. Its not called the mystical black art for nothing.Mwahahahah.
Mastering ITB(In The Box). From within your DAW's(Sonar, Protools,..) Using Only Plugins...
Can it be done????
A good mastering engineer can master using only plugins, though they would prefer to use hardware.
If any mastering engineer says it can't be done. THEY ARE LIERS......
This section of the tutorials alone is worth more than the DVD.
Sure, you've seen Compression, Eq, and other processing.
But the way its approached in mastering is where the secrets are!!

Watch as I show you multiple mastering signal chains. And how each chain, which is never the same, can be configured in certain instances, in multiple ways.
Ive seen some of the tutorials online regarding Mastering for instance. They always mention Multiband compression as the goto compressor for mastering engineers.
They couldnt be further from the truth. Then they dont even fully
explain multiband compression. (which I do) What a bunch of
sell-out-scamming mofos. They dont tell you the real tricks and secrets
behind it. They hardly ever cover Mid-Side mastering Techniques. I
cover Mid-Side very indepth.

And when Mid-Side techniques are really used, related to Single/Multiband
Compression, Reverb, Equalization, Single/Multiband Harmonic
Excitation. All with examples in stereo sound.

I even show a Mid-Side routing scheme you can use in your DAW's(Sonar,Cubase....) for a fully non-interupted signal flow.
You can do any process(compression, eq, reverb....anything...) to the mid
and side seperately. But also the stereo signal at the

same time.....

My teaching methods... Well I feel they can't be beat. I have watched many video tutorials in my time regarding production.
They always beat around the bush. You never get what you pay for.

Do you want to know what, and how, things are done in the mastering world?
After watching this tutorial, you will be able to put your tracks to CD disc, or the net, so that you can let your peoples
hear your music. See how they respond. Is the song generating alot of interest?
Is it??? Well, then I recommend you now take that song, or CD to a professional mastering engineer.
What??? Well, thats up to you.
Now a DVD tutorial alone cannot make you a Mastering Engineer...
That takes years of experience....Thousands of dollars of investment in hardware, software, and the most important thing.
But I still show how things are done, so you will be armed with better knowledge on the mastering process, and can even give it a go for yourself.
However, there is always referencing. Listening to alot of music in your room. This is where you listen to other songs in your genre(rap/r&B/ect...) from professional major releases. Ones that you feel are mixed and mastered well. Listen to them as much as you can in your room. Import them into your DAW(Cubase/Sonar/Protools), on multiple tracks from the same CD, or from different artists CD's. Listen to how different mixing and mastering engineers did their work. Solo one track, while muting the rest. Then, as you listen, begin to cycle through the tracks and listen for the likeness and differences between the tracks.
Listening to alot of music in your room will give you a feel as to how things should sound. Use the albums and tracks of your choice, as refereces.
While mixing, choose a song with the same type of feel and instrumentation. Set up a new stereo track in your session. Put the reference song onto that track and mute it.
Now, when you toggle the solo button on the reference track on and off, it will solo the reference track, and mute the rest of the mix, and vice versa.
While listening to your mix, and your vocals, toggle the solo button on the reference track. Listen to how the reference track vocals during the verses sound. Listen for panning, Eq, compression, reverb, and other effects. How one vocal element is Eq'd compared to another element. Now listen to your mix, toggle the solo button on the reference track again, which will bring it back to its original muted state, thereby unmuting your mix.
How do the reference tracks vocals sound compared to yours? Does yours sound muddy, or too bright and brittle? Does it sound like your vocals are in a box, or in a tunnel? Compared to the professional reference track?
Also, use as many monitoring systems as possible. Go to my myspace page and look at my studio pics. You will see various methods of monitoring. I have active powered monitors and woofer, floor standing speakers, as well as boom box speakers. Some that aren't show are headphones, cheap computer speakers, as well as other cheap speakers I got from a thrift store, that have only one woofer cone.
If you have a laptop, your self mastering job gets even more interesting. Alot of home sound systems, and car audio systems, have an "Input" that you can run from your laptops sound output, to those devices. You can go to different peoples homes and run the laptop into there soundsystem to check your mix/master there. How about in your car or truck. Both my vehicles have aftermarket radios that have an "aux input" that I can plug my laptop in....

Again, do the same referencing there, that you did in your room...
Now all of this is time consuming. And if you dont know what to listen too just yet, it can be a hit and miss. If its working for you, and its for a demo or something like that, well, thats great.
If its an album that you want to sale, send it to a professional mastering engineer.
That is what I myself would do, if I made an album. All of my songs are for promotional reasons. So I do everything on my own.
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IMPORTANT: Make sure your paypal email address is current,
that is the email address I will message so that you can verify your address. If you do not verify your address, I will refund your money. This is one method of protecting children from using their parents accounts, because they have to have access to the email address linked to paypal.